RoomMag – Your cooking hobby will not be far apart with a knife that you will also use to mix your cooking ingredients. But do you already know how to properly use your kitchen knife? Do not let all this time you just use but do not pay attention to the correct way to use it.

In the following we will discuss 3 mistakes that you did not realize when using a kitchen knife. Maybe some of you often ignore it.

  1. Forgot to sharpen a kitchen knife

This error often occurs in young mothers who have a busy schedule in their daily lives. How do you want to take care of a kitchen knife, even cooking is extraordinary.

Some career women who also double roles as housewives often ignore this. Because they rarely cook. Even so, all you need to know is that a kitchen knife will indeed reduce its sharpness if used frequently. Does that mean that which is not used often will continue to be sharp?

It is precisely the level of frequency you cook also affects the condition of your kitchen knife. Maybe the knife is still sharp, but it’s rarely used so you rarely clean it from dust and can rust your kitchen knife.

So be aware of this. Do not let your busy life neglect the task of cleaning kitchen utensils, including your kitchen knife.

  1. The position of cutting food ingredients is wrong

The second mistake is also not spared from young mothers who have just bears as a wife and mother. This lack of experience in cooking was the first experience they had never done. Moreover, realize that this activity you will often do after marriage.

Pay attention to the risks when we cut food ingredients, such as risk of hurting our hands when cutting them, not cutting the right parts so it is difficult to do and the results of the cuts are not good.

Maybe if you eat it yourself, there is no problem with the results that are not neat. Register and earn millions of rupiah by playing on trusted online slot websites at But when you cut meat for example, there are certain ways to cut certain types of meat. You have to follow the veins to make it easier to cut and much more.

But what happens is that you don’t learn how to cut your ingredients, so your hands get scratched or worse. This is certainly detrimental to yourself.

  1. The position of holding the knife is not right

This error can also cause error number 2 to occur earlier. Error cutting because of your position when holding the wrong kitchen knife.

The correct position is to hold the blade slightly forward so that your thumb rest is at the base of the handle. Most of us are sure to hold a knife in fear when slicing cooking ingredients.

In addition to the position of the thumb at the base of the handle, our index finger should also be bent so that more freely to move the hand to cut.

Instead it should not be done because the position of our hands which are on the edge of the handle will actually make our control reduced when slicing. So don’t hesitate to hold it and make the kitchen knife under your hand’s control.

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