RoomMag – The house with European or western style usually have high ceilings. It is caused by The heigh of European. We can compare it with the house of eastern. European have build their living rooms with high ceilings, while the eastern, like Indonesian, tend shorter than them. 

In Indonesia, there are also many houses with high ceilings that we can find. It was caused by the history of Indonesia country which have advented the people from western, especially the dutch, for tens years ago. They have built up the houses in Indonesia for their lived and get indigenes of Indonesian worked for them coercionly. That is why we can still find some living rooms which has been high ceilings in Indonesia. It is one of many relic from Netherland.

If you have to go abroad to western, you will feel familiar with the houses style which have high ceilings. The heigh of ceilings is influencing in how we arrange our goods and what the equipment that we should buy to fill the living rooms. 

Certainly, we should not decorate the living rooms for no good reason since we can not feel comfort to live in. So you need decorating ideas for living rooms with high ceilings, it will help you to fill your living rooms suppose that it will look comfortable. 

You can start to choose your colors to paint the living rooms, the calm colors is sensible for you. You should choose the colors that can reduce high impression for your living rooms. After that, you can choose your equipment for the living rooms. Because it has high ceilings, you should better to choose high household furnishings too. It is enable to reduce high impression for your living rooms.

The key of decorating ideas for living rooms with high ceilings are the colors on your wall and the household furnishings that you have chosen to fill it. Don’t use colors that are too flashy. Choose a softer color to give a high impression.

In addition to using a color combination on your wall and also filling furniture that matches the ceiling size of your home. When you start to make house building designs, maybe you should consider making high ceilings on your home.

There are several benefits if you choose decorating with high ceilings, including when summer arrives, your house will still provide coolness in it. This is because high ceilings make your room more spacious, rather than a short roof. So that you and your family still feel comfortable living in the house. Even without you providing air conditioning for your family, decorating with high ceilings will help you to give cool air. 

Another benefit is giving the impression of a spacious room compared to using a low roof. If the room is too short the roof and filled with items that have sharp colors, then the room will give the impression of narrow and small.

Room decoration with a high ceilings selection is more comfortable. But you have to prepare the budget first, because of course it will cost more construction.

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