RoomMag – Do you like drink? Or are you one of many drinkers? I think that you don’t be drinker anymore for your health. It is enough for you to drink healthy drink. 

But if you would not like heavy drink, it is not means that you can not decorate your living rooms such a home bar. It will be fun and unique decoration for you.

You can see some of classic or modern of home bar decorating ideas pictures first, then you start to choose. The classic or modern style of bar is based on tools to decorate home bar. You can make your home bar rustic look which is decorated by wood, and you can use bar stools. This is one of many good ideas, that use wood for your bar decoration. 

The others of bar ideas for home, decoration with bar ceilling and back trim, complemented with TV, it is modern bar for your home. Your home with bar design is very great for a basement bar or just game room.

You can complete your home with recycled beer ideas. You can use bottles of unused drinks to decorate your house, such as whiskey bottles that are turned into lamps, beer bottles can track lighting, or bottle cap backsplash. 

Your home furniture that is already unused you can make a home bar decoration. You can use your bookcase into a boozecase with the bottle of beers that you have collected. Books and bottles have the comparable in size, so you can make the library shelves with great pieces of bar furniture.

Other furniture is the unused cabinet, such as medicine storage box. You can repainted medicine boxes or you can modify them with stickers about the bar design. You can collect the bottles into the storage box as liquor cabinet. It will attrack the attention your friends or your guests when they come to your house. It is a simple decoration for your theme home of bar.

If you have enough space in your wall, you can make home bar signs. You can make by yourself with painting the wooden board then you can stick it on your wall. Or you can order it at a handicraft place near your home.

Sometimes the drinkers are also identical with music. If you have the old piano, you can display it as old piano bar. This home bar design is a must and will keep your guests talking for the musically inspired drinkers.

The others ideas based on your hobby in keep fish in the aquarium, you can make fish tank bar as a background your home bar design. It is suitable for those who drink like a fish, look into integrating some fish friends into your home bar ideas.

Beside the tools that used by decorating style of home bar, you need to pay attention on colors, lamp, and the atmosphere of situation home bar you like. You can choose some ideas from home bar decorating ideas pictures, so the simply or merry style for your home bar is depends on what the situation you like when you are drinking. You also may decorate it with light in weight tools that you can change anytime you want.

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