RoomMag – Many people has a dream to build their own home although they were young. Maybe if you have a same dream you can mak eyour dream come true with home design low budget strategy. As you know in this time there many kind of home design with minimize style and need a low budget.

To more information, if you want to build a home you must prepare also a furniture or other decoration to make your perfect home. So, if you have no much money, home design with low budget will help you.

Best Solution To Home Design With Low Budget

Dont worry if you start to confused with design of your home. We can give you a solution to be a sketch of your home in future. The important one, this home need a low budget so you can use your money to be buy a furniture or decoration for your home.

  1. Casa Prefabricada
    Casa Prefabricada

This concept source from sanyol architecture. In this home you can give a 2 or 3 rooms with 75 m2 size. Material for build this home is from stone, wood and iron so you can manage your money with low budget to get this material.

The window from this building is so wide with minimize modern decoration. The floor is made from the wood so this is need a cheap price.

  1. Villa One EFFEKT
    Villa One EFFEKT

This design source from EFFEKT studio in Denmark. This home design is suit for a family with 1 or 2 children with a 136 m2 for a location. There is no coridor from this home so this is why this home need a low budget.

The window is wide and the door made from a mirror so a sunshie can enter the room perfectly.

  1. Lote 390
    Lote 390

Erb Santiago is who designer of this design from Argentina. This home has 2 floor using framing wood to the top foundation with a concrete till garage ara. The garag made from the wood also with  canoy so can using for 2 cars.

First floor decided to family room, kitchen, garage, and 2 bathrooms. There are 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom at the second floor. This room also has a wide yard behind.

  1. Mami House
    Mami House

Jose Carlos Nunes de Oliveira is who design this home from portugal. This home is dedicate to new couple who have not a lot of money to build their own home. This home is decided two floor with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

This home is sweet without much furniture because wood material for this home is make a home look like perfect. Inside the wall didnt need a paint and jutst need a little layer from the wood. And also th floor just need a crecate. This design just need one colour paint.

If you want to know more about the design you can search the image and home detail in internet. Just prepare your money now because you must build your home before your old age. Just choose your home design with low budget now.

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